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1.2 Back-ends

By default, zeptodb uses the GNU dbm (GDBM) library to create and manipulate the DBM databases. Alternatively, you may choose to use the Kyoto Cabinet library instead. This is specified by passing the --with-kyotocabinet option to the configure script before compiling zeptodb.

Note that databases created with these two different back-ends are not compatible, thus databases created with Kyoto Cabinet can only be accessed by zeptodb if it has been compiled with support for the library.

Databases created with Kyoto Cabinet are required to have the .kch file extension. By convention, databases created with GDBM should have the .db file extension.

For most purposes, databases created with GDBM should be sufficient. For particularly large data sets, however, Kyoto Cabinet is preferred, since it can add values more quickly and has a much larger upper limit on the database size. On the other hand, Kyoto Cabinet is not as widely available in GNU/Linux distributions as GDBM so it often must be installed manually.