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# Release of zeptodb 3.0

This is a major update.  Please note that there have been significant
changes to the interface via several changes to the options.

## News

* Removed support for Kyoto Cabinet. In order to be able to better
  long-term support the program, the decision was made to only support
  one DBM library.
* Overhaul of options. All zeptodb programs now support a set of
  common options: `--mmap-size`, `--cache-size`, `--block-size`,
  `--no-mmap`, and `--no-lock` (in addition to the usual help, usage,
  version and verbose options).  These options control how the
  database is opened.  Please note that the `--num-buckets` option for
  zdbc has been removed since it was only appropriate for Kyoto
  Cabinet and was a misnomer for GDBM (it's effectively been replaced
  by `--cache-size`).  The `--sync` option has also been added for
  commands that write changes to the database.  Please see the
  documentation for a full explanation of these options.
* `zdbc` always creates a new database. `zdbc` now overwrites a
  database if it's called on an existing file.

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