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<h3 class="section">1.2 Back-ends</h3>

<p>By default, zeptodb uses the <a href="">GNU dbm</a> (GDBM) library to create and manipulate the DBM databases.
Alternatively, you may choose to use the
<a href="">Kyoto Cabinet</a> library
instead.  This is specified by passing the
<samp>--with-kyotocabinet</samp> option to the <samp>configure</samp> script
before compiling zeptodb.
<p>Note that databases created with these two different back-ends are
<em>not</em> compatible, thus databases created with Kyoto Cabinet can
only be accessed by zeptodb if it has been compiled with support for
the library.
<p>Databases created with Kyoto Cabinet are required to have the
<samp>.kch</samp> file extension.  By convention, databases created with
GDBM should have the <samp>.db</samp> file extension.
<p>For most purposes, databases created with GDBM should be sufficient.
For particularly large data sets, however, Kyoto Cabinet is
preferred, since it can add values more quickly and has a much larger
upper limit on the database size.  On the other hand, Kyoto Cabinet is
not as widely available in GNU/Linux distributions as GDBM so it often
must be installed manually.