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<a name="zdbs-1"></a>
<h3 class="section">2.2 zdbs</h3>

<p><code>zdbs</code> is used to store records in a database file.  Records
are entered via <samp>stdin</samp> or, optionally, they are read from an
input file, with one record per line.  Each record should consist of
one key-value pair.  The values should be separated from the keys by a
common delimiter (&rsquo;|&rsquo; by default), for example &ldquo;key|value&rdquo;.
<p>In addition to the database file to be used, the <code>zdbs</code>
command accepts the following options:
<dl compact="compact">
<dt><samp>-d, --delim=CHAR</samp></dt>
<dd><p>Delimiter character separating keys from values (default &rsquo;|&rsquo;)
<dt><samp>-i, --input=FILE</samp></dt>
<dd><p>Read new records from a file instead of from <samp>stdin</samp>
<dt><samp>-v, --verbose</samp></dt>
<dd><p>Print more run-time information
<dt><samp>-?, --help</samp></dt>
<dd><p>Show helpful information
<dd><p>Show shorter helpful information
<dt><samp>-V, --version</samp></dt>
<dd><p>Print the program version